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The words “green” and “luxury” might seem like somewhat of a contradiction when put together. After all, one might think how can you create a sustainable, environmental friendly environment and still offer style and luxury for the high end buyer. However there is no contradiction and green luxury condominiums are becoming more appealing in both aesthetic and monthly energy bills.

Green building is in fact more stylish than conventional building because builders invest time and money into how a space works to create it’s sustainability. They choose materials that reduce the impact on the environment, but do not sacrifice style and comfort. Many green luxury condos will have unconventional materials used, thus creating a unique living space.

The Walnut, a new luxury condominium residence in downtown Boulder, worked closely with the Rocky Mountain Institute to design a building that will be the first all residential LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building in Boulder.  Many of the systems that are used to create a sustainable living environment, such as solar panels, dual flush toilets and Energy Star rated appliances, may not sound luxurious, but it is these mundane details that make a space environmentally friendly.