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With the New Year, many have chosen to save money as their New Year’s resolution.  If you happen to be one who is looking to save their money, or you are saving to buy a new home, then we’ve got plenty of money saving tips or you.  Following are some sure fire tips that will help pack those dollars into the savings, where you can begin to reach your goal.


Yes, budget.  When you are able to create and stick to a budget, then you will see a difference in the amount you spend.  Also, keep track of what you spend.  Have a notebook that you carry with you and record everything!  You’ll be surprised at how quickly those stops at the convenience store add up.  When you are able to see just how much is spent each day, you’ll quickly begin to want to tighten the reigns!

Get rid of things you don’t need

Go through the house, the garage, the office, and anywhere else that you have items and go through what you no longer need and have a yard sale or sale with them through a classified or auction site.

Pack your lunch instead of eating out

This is one of the easiest ways to cut costs.  Typically a lunch costs about five dollars, which quickly adds up.  Each day brown bag it (which will also helps you to lose a few pounds) and limit dinners out during the month.

When you go to the mall, leave the plastic at home!

This will help to curb impulsive buying and ensure that you don’t purchase anything that you didn’t intend to purchase.  Also, consider shopping at consignment and thrift stores.

Switch it off

When you leave a room, turn off the lights.  When you are done with an appliance, unplug it.  Turn off the heaters at night

Be thrifty

Skip the car wash and wash your own car.  Get rid of the satellite or cable T.V.  Purchase generic brands over major brands.  Shop sales.  Print and use coupons.  Consider using public transportation to get to and from work, or carpool.  Use energy efficient light bulbs, which will not only last longer but will help to save on the energy bill.  Avoid credit cards with annual fees.  Cancel subscriptions and borrow books from the library!  Pass on extended warranties.  Limit gift giving.

Stay healthy!

When you eat a well-balanced diet and exercise you spend less on health care costs.

Put good old fashioned vinegar and baking soda to work over cleaning supplies to clean your home.  Vinegar is great for everything- sinks, countertops, floors, walls, and so on.  Baking soda is great for stains and to scrub the counters and tubs.

Filter and bottle your own water.  The cost of bottle water definitely adds up and nearly everyone today drinks bottled water.

Stay away from the automatic teller machines.  If you need money then plan ahead and withdraw it from your financial institution to avoid paying withdrawal fees.

Consolidate your bills and pay off debt as quickly as possible.   Interest quickly adds up and one sure way to save money is to pay down debt.  Also, consider consolidating your debts to a lower interest rate.

Keep your checking account balanced to avoid overdraft fees, which are a total waste of money!  If your bank has a line of credit, then set one up to avoid overdraft fees.

Keep your vehicle tuned up which will help cut down on repairs and lengthen the life of you vehicle.  Also, drive it as long as possible.

Find free local activities.  Consider feeding the ducks at the pond.  Make snow angels or sled.  Go to free concert nights, art galleries or museums.  Take advantage of festivals, and greenways, and everything else your local area has to offer!