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Located in northern Denver, Colorado is Greeley.  The city is a little under an hour’s drive from northeast Denver and Boulder. Its laws regarding rental properties are in accordance with Colorado State’s in regards to landlord and tenant rights that pertain to rental properties.

Greeley, Colorado Rental Laws

Greeley, Colorado leases are entered by a landlord and tenant and are a legal document that binds the parties to the terms of the lease, unless changes are made which are mutually agreed upon or the tenant is evicted form the property.  The lease conditions must be upheld by both parties throughout the life of the lease.

Security Deposits
When a tenant departs a rental property, under Colorado State statute 38-12-103, they are entitled to receive a partial or full security deposit refund which must be received via mail within 30 day of their move out date or of the ending of the lease.  If the landlord fails to refund the tenant within the specified period of time, a the tenant may be entitled to as much as three times the security deposit refund in small claims court of Weld County.

Under Colorado State statute 13-40-107 a landlord has the right to evict a tenant should the tenant neglect oral or written stipulations of the lease or fails to pay rent.  The landlord is responsible for notifying the tenant with written notice which states that they have three days to resolve the issue/s, and on day four, eviction proceedings will begin.  At the lease’s end, the landlord has the right to evict the tenant without cause, but, the landlord must notify the tenant of the property with a stipulated period of time to vacate.