How to Create Space in Your Condo

living area in a condoIt can be a challenge figuring out how to best utilize the sometimes limited space in a condo. These simple tips will help you get the most out of your space without sacrificing comfort or style.


When it comes to small spaces, smart storage is key. Think vertically! You’ve got tons of wall space that otherwise remains empty, so why not use it? Whether you’re hanging shelves or coming up with more creative storage (like hanging folding chairs on the wall for dining later, or hanging pots and pans on hooks in your kitchen), don’t let all that vertical space go to waste. It’s not only practical, but it draws the eye up, making a space feel bigger than it really is.

For things that can’t be stored on the walls (or things you don’t want to display), try under the bed, in the closet, or inside cupboard cubby boxes. No small space will go to waste, and all your personal belongings will be stored neatly out of sight. Furniture is also a great way to save on space and storage. Make the most of your space by using storage-friendly furniture (like a footstool that can hold magazines or blankets). The main goal is to get all that clutter off the floor to maintain a streamlined, open concept area that wastes no nook or cranny.

Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors create an optical illusion that makes a small space seem twice as large. Hanging mirrors around on the walls, or having a floor-to-ceiling mirrored all is a great way to open up a small space. Another trick is to maximize lighting. One way to do this is to use glass, acrylic, or lucite when decorating. Try a glass coffee table or clear dining chairs; not only do they fit with a variety of styles, but they let the eye travel through their clear and reflective surfaces.

Divided zones

When space is tight, it is important to create areas that are separated to give the illusion of several “rooms.” Hanging curtains to create a bedroom or playing around with furniture placement to section off a living area are great ways to make a small space multifunctional and appear larger. Try a couch that folds out into a bed, or a table that can be used for both work and eating. No space is too small if you utilize every inch you’ve got!

Making Green Living Last

More and more of us are aware of the need to preserve Mother Earth, and more and more of us have gone green.  Green can be a part of our daily lives, and each day when you take out your recycling bin, you do have the reward of saving the landfills from unnecessary waste.

According to each year Americans throw away enough plastic and paper cups spoons, forks, to circle the equator 300 times.  That is a tremendous amount of waste, and that is only a fraction of the trillions of items that go into our landfills.

Cleanair reports that disposable diapers are one of the nation’s highest contributors in landfills taking up about 4% of solid waste.

According to the EPA’s 2010 report, Americans generated 250 million tons of trash I 2010 with less than a third of that being recycled.

The reports are outrageous, and go on and on.  The new trend is to reduce, reuse, and recycle- simply called living green.  Honorable Americans across the nation are finding ways to practice green standards and not only help preserve to Mother Earth but cut down on household expenses.

Being green isn’t just about recycling.  It is about extending the lives of things by repairing them. It is also about home grown foods and preserving home grown foods.  Green living is a standard of living that is designed to save the planet and to save money.

How to Make Eco-Friendly Life Changes

Stop Buying the Disposables

We are a disposable society, and one of our greatest conveniences is bottled water.  Taking the simple measure to not buy water is a green measure and one that doesn’t cost a single penny.  Another disposable that is easy to replace is paper towels with hand towels.

Conserve Energy

During the winter months enjoy the comforts of warm, cozy socks and throw blankets by setting your thermostat down a few degrees.  During the summer months do the opposite.

Replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs.

When your appliances are not in use unplug them.

Whenever possible, wash your clothes in cold water.  Also when possible, hang dry your clothes.

Save Water

There are a number of ways to reduce your consumption of water.

Shorten your showers, which will not only lower your water bill but your heating bill too.

Plant native plants that require little water.

On each faucet install a faucet aerator.

Install a low flow showerhead.
Park the Car

When possible park the car and walk, bike or take the bus.  This not only saves on your fuel costs and parking costs but it omits less emissions into the air.  Walking and biking is also very good for cardiovascular health.

Eat Smart
Green standards are about eating local and organic foods and eating healthy.  If you are a meat eater purchase locally raised, humane and organic meat as well as your fruits and vegetables.  Try to have one meatless meal each week, which cuts down on cost and considered to be healthier for the environment.

Think before You Buy
There are a number of products that are eco-friendly; materials like bamboo are being used in sheets to make eco-friendly sheets, the wood in play swings has standards that most companies now follow, and more.  There is also second hand shopping which is a great savings.

Visit the Library over the Bookstore
Visit the library over purchasing books at the bookstore.  This saves money as well as ink and paper that goes into printing the books.

Buy Smart
When purchasing clothes look at the care instructions and avoid those that must be dry cleaned. Also purchase garments and household materials that are made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

It is important to know what to recycle.  Batteries for instance should never go in the trash.  Electronics are another item that should not be thrown in the trash.  With batteries, they can be recycled, and some electronics can be, as well.  At the least, they can be donated.

Mae Your Own Cleaning Supplies

With a few household items you can have an effective cleaning solution.  Vinegar, baking soda and lemon are all great ingredients to clean and disinfect surfaces.


How to Better Recycle

Recycling has become a choice for Americans across the nation.  If you happen to be one who is looking for better ways to recycle we have some wonderful suggestions.  If you have yet to consider ways to make your household “green” there are some astonishing facts that just might lead you to the decision to recycle.

According to the EPA the total figure of solid waste in households across America that can be recycled is 75 percent.  Of this figure the EPA reports that only about 30 percent is.

•    Saves energy.
•    Helps to increase US competitiveness through the protection and expansion of US manufacturing jobs
•    Helps to reduce for landfills and incineration.
•    Helps to prevent pollution that is caused by product manufacturing from virgin materials.
•    Helps to lower the risk of global climate change by decreasing emissions of greenhouse gases.
•    Helps to sustain the environment for future generations.

There are keys to recycling. reports that in order to be a smart recycler, it is necessary to know how to recycle.
For instance, if you drink bottled water, before you toss the bottle into the recycle bin you should remove the twist off cap and ring.  The top and twist off ring are not recyclable and in fact most recycling centers will remove the bottle from the bin and toss it into the trash as the work involved to remove it is too time consuming.

Tips to Smart Recycling
•    Before you toss cans and bottles in the recycling bin rinse them out.  This is a courtesy to the recycling center.  Also if the items are caked with foods it might be best to toss it in the garbage as it will gum up the works at the recycling center.  Also, remove all labels from the items.
•    Remember that even the smallest effort makes a difference.  One can in the recycle bin means one less can in the landfill.
•    Recycling is about reducing and reusing- first you want to look at ways to reduce your consumption, and reusing as much as possible before you recycle.
•    Talk to your recycling center about what you can recycle and what you can’t.  Knowledge is a key to recycling.

Cherry Creek to be the Home of New Luxury Condo Development

Western Development Group is to begin the construction of a 70 unit, Cherry Creek luxury condo development at 250 Columbine in Cherry Creek North in late August of this year. The project includes an 80K sq. ft. office tower and is estimated to cost $100 million.  The project is projected to be completed in 2015.  The condo community is the Metro’s largest planned community.

PCL Construction has been hired by Western Development Group to build the development which will run Columbine, north to Third Avenue.
The project includes the condominium units, office tower, retail and parking.  The development will be designed by Oz Architecture.

The condo development will have seven stories at its highest peak, and drop down to three stories to preserve sunlight.

While this will be Cherry Creek North’s second mixed-use development, this luxury condo development will be much more expensive than the already existing.  The units are projected to range from 700 sq. ft. to 1300 sq. ft. and run about $500 per sq. ft.

Condos and Lofts for sale in Cherry Creek

How to Get a Mortgage without a Credit Score


Most homebuyers began to establish credit as young adults- whether it is in the form of a student loan, a credit card, or a car loan; but, there are always those consumers who have not built their credit.

Is there a way to get a mortgage without a credit score?

President and CEO of Ross Mortgage Corp. in Royal Oak, Michigan, Tim Ross, states that it is possible, but, it is very difficult.  Lenders use an automated underwriting system that helps them to determine the risk of the applicant.  Information in this system is specific information that includes the applicant’s credit score.  Lenders do have nontraditional means that can be used for credit verification.

Most mortgage lenders generally require that applicants have a score of no less than 620 in order to be considered for a loan.

Regardless of your reason for not having built your credit, there are alternative sources that mortgage lenders can use to determine one’s credit risk. Sources include different types of verification, such as, canceled checks that can be verified through the landlord or canceled checks over a period of time. Other alternative sources of credit include:

•    Utility bills for water, electric, and gas provided they are paid separately from your monthly rent.
•    Cable and telephone bills.
•    Medical insurance, life insurance, renters insurance and car insurance payments if they are not automatically deducted from your salary.
•    School tuition or child care payments.

The more of a solid payment history you can provide to the lender, the better your chances of qualifying for the loan.

Money Saving Tips

With the New Year, many have chosen to save money as their New Year’s resolution.  If you happen to be one who is looking to save their money, or you are saving to buy a new home, then we’ve got plenty of money saving tips or you.  Following are some sure fire tips that will help pack those dollars into the savings, where you can begin to reach your goal.


Yes, budget.  When you are able to create and stick to a budget, then you will see a difference in the amount you spend.  Also, keep track of what you spend.  Have a notebook that you carry with you and record everything!  You’ll be surprised at how quickly those stops at the convenience store add up.  When you are able to see just how much is spent each day, you’ll quickly begin to want to tighten the reigns!

Get rid of things you don’t need

Go through the house, the garage, the office, and anywhere else that you have items and go through what you no longer need and have a yard sale or sale with them through a classified or auction site.

Pack your lunch instead of eating out

This is one of the easiest ways to cut costs.  Typically a lunch costs about five dollars, which quickly adds up.  Each day brown bag it (which will also helps you to lose a few pounds) and limit dinners out during the month.

When you go to the mall, leave the plastic at home!

This will help to curb impulsive buying and ensure that you don’t purchase anything that you didn’t intend to purchase.  Also, consider shopping at consignment and thrift stores.

Switch it off

When you leave a room, turn off the lights.  When you are done with an appliance, unplug it.  Turn off the heaters at night

Be thrifty

Skip the car wash and wash your own car.  Get rid of the satellite or cable T.V.  Purchase generic brands over major brands.  Shop sales.  Print and use coupons.  Consider using public transportation to get to and from work, or carpool.  Use energy efficient light bulbs, which will not only last longer but will help to save on the energy bill.  Avoid credit cards with annual fees.  Cancel subscriptions and borrow books from the library!  Pass on extended warranties.  Limit gift giving.

Stay healthy!

When you eat a well-balanced diet and exercise you spend less on health care costs.

Put good old fashioned vinegar and baking soda to work over cleaning supplies to clean your home.  Vinegar is great for everything- sinks, countertops, floors, walls, and so on.  Baking soda is great for stains and to scrub the counters and tubs.

Filter and bottle your own water.  The cost of bottle water definitely adds up and nearly everyone today drinks bottled water.

Stay away from the automatic teller machines.  If you need money then plan ahead and withdraw it from your financial institution to avoid paying withdrawal fees.

Consolidate your bills and pay off debt as quickly as possible.   Interest quickly adds up and one sure way to save money is to pay down debt.  Also, consider consolidating your debts to a lower interest rate.

Keep your checking account balanced to avoid overdraft fees, which are a total waste of money!  If your bank has a line of credit, then set one up to avoid overdraft fees.

Keep your vehicle tuned up which will help cut down on repairs and lengthen the life of you vehicle.  Also, drive it as long as possible.

Find free local activities.  Consider feeding the ducks at the pond.  Make snow angels or sled.  Go to free concert nights, art galleries or museums.  Take advantage of festivals, and greenways, and everything else your local area has to offer!

Building Begins on Interlocken Apartments

An 18.9 acre parcel in the Interlocken Denver area of Broomfield will be the site for a 424 unit apartment community which has begun its construction phase.

Camden USA Inc., a developer and operator of multi-family communities based in Houston, and the builder of the apartment community obtained permits this past November.  The community will be named the Camden Flatirons which will be located at 120 Edgeview Drive.  The primary contractor is Camden Development Inc.

The apartment community will be the second in Interlocken and it is estimated that it will cost $46 million in construction.

Part 2 – Luxury Condos in the Metro Denver Area

Denver is a lovely place to call home.  There are countless options to choose from. This article was a great deal of fun to write, and I hope it will familiarize you with the options you have when relocating to the Downtown Denver area.

There are many subdivisions or counties in the Metro Denver area.  I have created four imaginary, yet realistic cases of people who are relocating to Downtown Denver.  Each of the four groups of people has their own differences and their similarities.  They come from various backgrounds and have different types of incomes and lifestyles.

After creating these four hypothetical cases, I began a search of properties in the downtown area that would best suit their needs, as well as what luxuries are on their wish list.

It would be best if you read through this article and the hypothetical situations and try to find some similarities that you want while you decide on what Luxury Condominium will best suit YOUR needs and wishes.  Also, while reading this article, you will become familiar with the perks and luxuries you can come to expect in a Luxury Condo in Metro Denver.  You can use this knowledge to make your own priority and wish list to your realtor when the time comes.

Below is a brief description of the 4 cases of people who are going to relocate to Downtown Denver.  As you read, decide in what situation most matches your own, and what Luxuries you would like to have when you choose a Condo for your own.

The 4 cases:  Introductions

Case #1:  This is a family with 2 children (and another on the way!) and a cat.
Case #2:  This is a single man, transferred to Denver because of a promotion through his job.
Case #3:  This is a wealthy couple with no children.  They are moving to the Denver Metro area and are used to living a luxurious lifestyle.
Case #4:  This is an elderly couple who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!  Most of their grandchildren and their families live in Denver.  They want to spend their ‘golden years,’ close to their family.

My Criteria (To Match the People with the Property)

PRICE:  In my first article on Luxury Condos in Downtown Denver, I estimated that the median price for a Luxury Condo in Metro Denver is roughly $500,000.  The lower limit is about $200,000, and of course the sky is the limit for extremely expensive properties, from $1,000,000 and up.  I found more than one property that was actually up for sale for $10,000,000!

LOCATION!  Each of the 4 cases has different priorities and needs.  My job here is to describe to them a few different Luxury Condominiums with amenities that would be most useful and most comfortable for each of the 4 lifestyles.

SUBDIVISONS:  The metropolitan Denver area is broken up into separate subdivisions or counties.  There are currently over 60 subdivisions in the Downtown Denver area.  The counties are divided into 6 main regions, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, Mountain Area, and Central.  Becoming familiar with the subdivisions will help when deciding what kind of views that the property has (either a mountain view, a city skyline view, or in some fortunate properties, BOTH!)  Also, when considering a Luxury Condo, you have to consider whether you want a high rise or a more private type of Condo to live in.

Case #1:  What is on their WISH LIST?

In Case #1, we have a young family with 2 kids (and one on the way).  Their priorities or ‘wish list’ is a Condo in a safe, closed gated community with 24 hour security.  If possible, they would prefer a condo with a yard (for the kids), or if they settle for a Condo in a high rise or loft, they would want large balconies or a spacious terrace.

This family wants a LOT of space, 3-4 bedrooms, walk-in closets with ample storage space, and at least 2 bathrooms.  Parking must be close to their home and this family has a lot of visitors throughout the year, so they need room and parking for guests that come to visit.  This family would prefer a big swimming pool on site, an on-site gym, and a cat-friendly community (of course).

Also, this family will be looking for a condo that is near to schools (for the kids), close by to shopping and Denver’s yearly and year-round attractions (such as museums and parks, etc).  This family has their own vehicle, a SUV, so they won’t have to rely too much on public transportation.  However, they often go on weekend trips to go hiking, horseback riding, or camping.  So they want to be near the freeways and they want their opportunities for outside entertainment to be a short distance from where they live.  In terms of a view, it’s not a major issue for them, but they do want something of a view!

What I found for Case #1

For this growing family, I wanted to find a large Luxury Condo with plenty of space.  What I found is a breathtaking Condo for $1,650,000 in the Trademark Subdivision.  This amazing Condo has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with 3,938 square feet.  There is plenty of space for a growing family!  A unique aspect of this property, which was built in 2006, is that it is literally walking distance from the Winter Park Resort.  Extra perks and amenities include a professional private theater and recreation area (perfect for family time, or when friends come over).  The spectacular and modern penthouse boasts marble floors, cherry cabinets, a fireplace, a private reserved garage and much more.  Schools for the children include Fraser Valley Elementary School, East Grand Middle School and Middle Park High School.  This luxurious one story mountain penthouse has an address of 98 Trademark Drive, Winter Pak, Colorado, 80482 (very near Denver).

Case #2:  What is his Wish List?

For Case #2, we have a healthy, adventurous middle-aged man who was transferred to Denver because of a promotion from his other job in California.  He likes outdoor activities, so the opportunity of adventure is definitely an advantage for him.  He doesn’t need too much square footage because he is single, but he would like to have an extra room or 2 for an office or a guest bedroom.

The view is a high priority to him.  He wants to wake up in the morning, preferably to a view of the Rocky Mountains.  He wants ‘bragging rights’ so he can gloat about his awesome view he can see every day!  He also would like a few ‘rooms with a view’ in which ceiling to floor windows would accommodate.

This young man is adventurous so he would like to be close by to both attractions within the city, and to outdoorsman hobbies, such as river rafting, horseback riding and camping.
He has received a promotion, so he wants to have a Luxury Downtown Condo.  The more perks, the better!  Since he has such an attraction to nature and beauty, a condo in a high rise or loft may suit his needs.  He isn’t too concerned with parking.  He’s young and doesn’t mind if he has to park a ways from his condo.  I think it should be easy to find a Luxury Condo for him.  He seems to be the most flexible in terms of his needs and his lifestyle.

Case #2:  What I found for him

The property I found for the middle aged man is in the Cheesman Park subdivision.  According to my search, this Luxury Condominium was first built in 1970 and has been newly renovated and is located on the 14th floor of a lovely high rise building.  The property allows a 360 degree view!  This allows him both the view of the majestic Rocky Mountains AND of the breathtaking beauty of the Denver skyline!

This property is for sale at $2,675,000 and has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a total of 4,850 square feet.  Perks and amenities of this property include a wet bar, 5 assigned parking spaces, WiFi availability, walk-in closets, and an attached garage.  The address of this particular property is:  1510 E 10th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80213.  I found that, mostly because of the view, that this gentleman will enjoy living in this Luxurious Condominium.

Case #3:  What is their Wish List?

In the third situation, we have a very wealthy couple with no children and enjoy the ‘finer things in life.’  Their priority is of course to have a spacious Condo with beautiful views that can be seen out of every window.  They also would prefer a condo in a high rise or loft, because view is such a priority to them.  I think it will be relatively easy to find a condo for this couple because there are SO MANY luxurious and convenient amenities available in the Condos in Metropolitan Denver.

Case #3:  What I found for this Couple

The property I found for Couple #3 is very lavish and luxurious, even by their standards!   This Condo is $2,650,000 and located in the Theatre District Subdivision of Downtown Denver, so it is definitely a short distance to the high-class museums and art exhibits.  This find Condo has 4 spacious bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and it has 3 separate and private entrances (in case the services of a Nanny, Butler or Caterer are needed).

There is a gorgeous view of the mountains and plenty of living space with 4,823 square feet, and a private, attached garage for parking.  There is a grandiose kitchen and dining room, perfectly suited for either a meal for two, or if they decide to have a formal, catered party.  This Condo is a relatively new building (2010) and the property’s address is: 1133 14th Street, Denver, Colorado 80202.

Case #4:  Their Wish List

The elderly couple is my 4th group to find a Luxury Condo for.  Many of their family live in the Denver area, and they want to be close to family.  This couple has priorities that differ a lot compared to the previous 3 groups.  First of all, they will prefer a ground level condo, or if they happen to settle on a high rise, parking and the elevator must be wheelchair accessible.  Not necessarily that they NEED to use a wheelchair, but they just don’t want a lot of stairs!  Additionally, parking is important to them because they don’t want to walk too far from their car to their home.  Health, of course, is a major issue for an elderly couple.  They would prefer to be within 10 minutes or 10 miles (or closer) to a nearby hospital, clinic, 24 hour pharmacy, and an urgent care center.  Currently, both the gentleman and the woman can drive, but sometimes they will want to use public transportation, or have taxi or town car service.

They would prefer to have a quiet community with a swimming pool and spa, and maybe something relaxing like a garden, coy pond, or even a golf course on-site.  They will favor any type of condo that provides services that they may not always have the energy to do themselves, such as on-site private laundry service, house-keeping, and even a private entrance for a butler or personal chef to cook meals.

This couple will expect a lot of visitors and overnight guests throughout the year, so they want 2 or more extra bedrooms so their loved ones can visit any time they want, and stay as long as they want.  They also want a gated community with 24 hour security of the premises.

Obviously, this couple is not as active if you compare them to the other Cases I have mentioned, so they won’t be taking any wild outdoor trips, or anything like that.  They prefer more quiet activities such as going to the movies, the theatre, wine tasting, and museums.  They want to be in close proximity to these types of activities.

Case #4:  What I found for this Couple

I found a Luxury Condo for the elderly couple for a price of $699,000.  This Condo is near to the Cherry Creek Mall, so the couple will have food and entertainment nearby their home.  It is a relatively new property (built in 2000) and has since been completely upgraded.  This lovely Condo has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (equipped with steam showers) and 4,047 square feet of living space.  The Master bedroom with walk-in closet is gorgeous and has plantation-type shutters.  There is also an office on the second floor and a newly upgraded and spacious basement that they can use as storage or a guest bedroom.  This couple will enjoy this Condo because there is plenty of room for guests and entertaining.  The address for this Luxury Condo is 238 South Garfield Street in Denver, Colorado, 80209 (in the Subdivision of Cherry Creek).

Final Words of Advice

Having to relocate is a stressful time in your life, no matter what your situation is or what lifestyle you are accustomed to.  I hope that by reading this article, you have a little more than just a vague idea of what to look for and ask for as you search for your Luxury Condo in Downtown Denver.

Of course, as you get closer to your goal to finding a new home, you will be able to find a realtor that can give you ALL the details of your potential new home.

Reading this article is just the start, and Downtown Denver is calling your name!  Best of luck to you and to finding your ideal Luxury Condominium in the Metropolitan Denver area!

LoDo Lift with Larimer Place Condo Upgrade?

Larimer Place, a Downtown Denver high-rise condo complex that was constructed over three decades ago may soon be undergoing a renovation. Plans are being considered to revamp the third floor deck which currently houses tennis courts.  The proposed plan is to renovate the floor into eight high class townhome-styled units.   The plan also includes the addition of space for retail at Larimer and 15th Streets.

Larimer Place, which was built in 1981, consists of a 31 story tower.  The project was among the last of the high rise condo buildings that was built in Downtown Denver until the Residences at Four Seasons Denver, One Lincoln Park, and Spire opened in recent years.

The demand for luxury homes in Downtown Denver has risen.  The units are deigned to appear similar to townhomes but, for legality reasons, will be condos.

Fuller Sotherby’s International Realty broker, Ann Atkinson, states that she feels that the idea is a fantastic one.  Atkinson favors the project and has presented her conclusion of such to the Larimer Place Homeowners Association that will need to approve the project before the renovation begins.

On January 17th, the HOA will hold a public forum.  On January 31st, homeowners in the building will own the proposed project.  For the plan to be approved there must be a rule of a majority of the homeowners in favor of the plan.  If the plan is approved, construction will begin next fall and will be complete in the spring of 2014.

Larimer Place HOA president, David Stafford Johnson states that the plan will strengthen and put Larimer Place back into the gem of luxury condo living in Downtown Denver.  Davis Partnership Architects has been retained by the HOA to consider options for the renovation.  BuildMark and Davis Partnership are working together and have put together a 22 page analysis which includes plans of the units which are projected to sell for an average price of $560 per square foot.  The units will run from 1,677 square feet to 2,000 square feet.  The new condos / townhome will rank at the top of the market in luxury condos and are projected to boost property sales statistics. With the addition of the new units the HOA will generate somewhere from $6K to $7K monthly in HOA fees. Larimer Place residents will have the first option to purchase the units at a 5% discount. The project is considered to be one that will add property value to the existing condominium, and there is no cost to homeowners.  The goal is to renew, refresh and upgrade the identity and image of Larimer Place.

Where will the tennis courts go?  If the project goes through, the location of the new tennis courts will be at 16th Street on the northeast side of the building.
The new townhomes will have their own private elevator and cooling and heating systems so there will be no impact to existing units.

Greeley, Colorado Rental Laws

Located in northern Denver, Colorado is Greeley.  The city is a little under an hour’s drive from northeast Denver and Boulder. Its laws regarding rental properties are in accordance with Colorado State’s in regards to landlord and tenant rights that pertain to rental properties.

Greeley, Colorado Rental Laws

Greeley, Colorado leases are entered by a landlord and tenant and are a legal document that binds the parties to the terms of the lease, unless changes are made which are mutually agreed upon or the tenant is evicted form the property.  The lease conditions must be upheld by both parties throughout the life of the lease.

Security Deposits
When a tenant departs a rental property, under Colorado State statute 38-12-103, they are entitled to receive a partial or full security deposit refund which must be received via mail within 30 day of their move out date or of the ending of the lease.  If the landlord fails to refund the tenant within the specified period of time, a the tenant may be entitled to as much as three times the security deposit refund in small claims court of Weld County.

Under Colorado State statute 13-40-107 a landlord has the right to evict a tenant should the tenant neglect oral or written stipulations of the lease or fails to pay rent.  The landlord is responsible for notifying the tenant with written notice which states that they have three days to resolve the issue/s, and on day four, eviction proceedings will begin.  At the lease’s end, the landlord has the right to evict the tenant without cause, but, the landlord must notify the tenant of the property with a stipulated period of time to vacate.